About us

We, INIMIGO are much more than a brand, we are a lifestyle.

INIMIGO is a strong word, it means Enemy in Portuguese language, and its connected with our slogan “No Enemies No Character”, in nowadays society, who have Character will create Enemies.

We use the finest raw materials from around the world, sharp fishings, exotic decoration and techniques, that result in a very unique product.

Irreverent, we give our customers confidence and individuality with a sense of humor.

We don’t give importance to rules and we accept the consequences. This unites the people behind the brand and those who wear it.

Positive by nature, we recognize the truth when we see it. This direct character is the basis of envy, that’s why we are surrounded by “Enemies”.

INIMIGO, that now reaches its maturity, gave already significant proves in national & international market that quality is our best characteristic